• Radiant heating manifold and transfer station combination
  • We use Emmeti Manifolds from Italy
  • Radiant heating lines being laid down before flooring is installed
  • Radiant heating keep your rooms warm and comfortable
  • Another inside installation example
  • Radiant heating lines being laid down before the driveway is installed
  • Never have to worry about shoveling again!
  • Eight loop radiant heating manifold

We design, manufacture, test, and support radiant heating systems.

Our specialty is project specific products made for do it yourself homeowners, contractors, or plumbers.

We team with the people at radiantdesigninstitute.com and have them review and approve all designs before manufacture and shipment. Their 30+ years designing and installing radiant heating systems are a huge asset to our business success.

You can have your system designed for a reasonable fee by radiantdesigninstitute.com , (409) 295-9902 and it will be made in our plant. A fixed price quotation will also be included with your design. Please be sure and mention us when you call or e mail for a design and quote. All your design fees from radiantdesigninstitute.com will be credited when you order your radiant heating manifolds or heat transfer stations from us. Your design is effectively free as your design is included in our final price.

Obviously, you can choose to buy the finished radiant heating products from any source and we hope you select our company.

Our pricing makes it in your best interest to use us wherever possible.

You can buy as much as you want from us as we will supply the complete package if that is your desire.

Our primary products are pre-plumbed and pre-wired radiant floor heating packages and pump control systems. All equipment comes complete with installation instructions.

Also included in your package is all the information needed for purging and maintaining the products. Our help and support in maintaining your system never expires. We will always be there to help when necessary. We cannot say on a 24/7 basis as it is closer to a 12 hours per day and 7 day a week basis during the hours of 8 AM to 8 PM EST. Emergency calls outside those hours will be answered but we do not guarantee response outside those service hours.

You can e mail us for service or quotes at info@radiantheatingmanifolds.com or call 800 826 5537. During business hours dial ext. 110 and after hours select the option to transfer to the after hours representative.

Our success in the radiant heating industry is attributed to our vendor selection process as well as our attention to detail is the design, manufacturing, and testing process.

We use only the best products including Wilo pumps, Emmeti manifolds and Azel control systems.

We do not use Chinese made manifolds. Emmeti http://emmeti.co.uk of Italy, our manifold vendor, has been a leader in the radiant heating industry for many years. All fittings are led free brass or type K copper.

Wilo pumps, http://www.wilo.com, have been a very reliable product for our company. Other pumps are available from us but we use Wilo whenever possible.

Azel control systems http://www.azeltec.com, who makes our control boards and control systems have been a reliable vendor for years.

We use Phoenix tank water heaters, Tagagi for natural gas tankless heaters, www.takagi.com, and Tankless Inc. for electric boilers.. www.hotwaterheater.com in our systems.

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